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Well, we’re three characters away from starting the first crime process.


  • Jonathan Anderson  ||  Josh Hutcherson
  • Mycroft Holmes  ||  Shia LaBeouf 
  • Sebastian Wilkes  ||  Hunter Parrish
  • Jefferson Hope  ||  Tom Felton
  • Andrew Galbraith  ||  Daniel Radcliffe
  • Sally Donovan  ||  Antonia Thomas
  • Kitty Reilly  ||  Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Henry Knight  ||  Nicholas Hoult

The characters bolded are the ones we still need. More information about the plot can be found here, more information on the way the crime process is structured can be found here, and character bios can be found here.

Thanks guys!

I’m just frustrated.

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Have you ever wished upon a star that you could find a Sherlock multi-para RP, but couldn’t find one?  Have you ever wished to play a character such as Anderson, Mycroft Holmes, or Kitty Reilly?  Have you ever thought about being in an RP where plot outlines guide different crimes that occur, every other month?

Well, if so, you’re in luck! The Baker Street Academy is open and accepted applications.  Check out the “About” page to get more details on the crimes, and see our “Characters” page to check out the full list of open roles.  We’ll see you in class!

Did I get your attention? Did I? DID I? So, I’ve started up a multi=para Sherlock RP where a good twenty (or some odd) characters from the show attend a small college together. I’d really appreciate it if you could at least check it out— if you don’t want to apply, maybe reblog the introduction post for me? Thanks a million you guys!

This is the link.


The year is 2012, and another term at The Baker Street Academy in London is about to begin.  Old faces will return, freshmen will come in, and a year of learning will commence! 

Not everything is so simple, though.  What start out as petty crimes slowly begin to escalate, and who can be sure where it will lead?  One thing, though, is certain:

This is going to be one interesting semester.

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